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Surf in Samoa

Surf in Samoa on a Budget

Surfing in Samoa can be costly, most surf camps are located in a resort or located right next to one. Guest are then paying resort prices for accommodation, food and getting around without a vehicle is close to impossible unless you’re up for walking a few hours a day to get to all the exciting beaches and locations. Lynn’s Getaway provides an alternative solution in our budget rooms, we are located 20 mins from the north coast breaks and 30 – 45 mins to the south coast breaks. You can rent a car for a low price, get around the island, surf and explore. Our rooms include a buffet breakfast which is perfect after an early morning surf, whether you want to come home to fruits or go crazy with pancakes, eggs, and pastries, the choice is yours to make.

Surfing with family and friends

If you’re traveling with friends, family or a partner that doesn’t surf then it’s important to stay somewhere where they also have activities to do and keep your mind free of worrying that they’re bored on the beach waiting for you to return. Lynn’s Getaway is located very close to the town center if they want to go check out the markets, attend a culture show, visit a nearby waterfall or chill by the pool then these options are all available and with complete ease. Giving you more time to surf.

Getting to the surf break

Getting around in Samoa can be a task if you’re without a car. Relying on taxis can be costly over time and also taxi drivers can sometimes be inconsistent with what time they need to pick you up. Lynn’s Getaway offers rentals ranging from sedans to four-wheel drives for tougher situations. We only rent to our guest to give them priority and to keep the rentals maintained. You’ll be able to surf breaks along the island on your pace, your travel companions could also drop you off and pick you up whenever you need. Go at your own speed and not worry about surfing with crowds, a lot of the surf breaks are close to amazing beaches for everyone else to check out and relax.

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